About Jennay

Jennay is a self-taught amateur photographer based in North Carolina.

A hands-on learner, an avid reader of manuals, and a student for life…constantly practicing all of the wonderful photography tips and tools that are available via the many outlets such as the world wide web, photography  blogs, books, and videos.  These sources have all influenced and inspired her work.

A love for black and white photography.

Paying special attention to detail and yearning to capture the shots that come out unexpectedly.

She enjoys photographing a wide variety of subjects; however, nature is definitely her cup of tea.

Unlike most photographers, the editing is by far her favorite part of photography.

Her camera of choice is the Canon Powershot SX20 IS Canon Rebel SL1.

She still dreams of one day owning a EOS 5D Mark iii.

Jennay has a love for many other things that she shares on her main blog A Day in the Life of Jennay.

This photoblog is a portfolio of sorts for her family, friends, and hopefully clients-to-be in the very near future.

All photos are protected by copyright.


2 thoughts on “About Jennay

  1. Good luck on your future as a photographer. This blog site shows a willingness to experiment and express yourself, something even experienced photographers often fail to do. I love to find people that present their views in a different way. You’ve succeeded in that. If you give up photography I think you’d be very good with stained glass, I get a touch of the colors, textures and feel of that in your photos and I love it.

    • Thank you so very much! I really do take pride in my work. I love to be artistic in my nature shots, and I have so much fun doing so! I hope others see that I’m expressing myself as you do. They always say that you should do something you love and this is def it for me! As far as stained glass…that’s a great idea! I’ve always wanted to be more artistic! =)

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