Hummingbird Vine (aka Trumpet Vine)

Hummingbird Vine 00

Hummingbird Vine 01

Hummingbird Vine 02

Hummingbird Vine 03

Hummingbird Vine 04


Hummingbird Vine


Hummingbird Vines also known as Trumpet Vines are climbing plants whose flowers are pollinated by hummingbirds.  They are often planted in gardens to specifically attract hummingbirds.

We started a Hummingbird Vine on a tree that had died out and it has done wonderfully!   It climbs higher and higher each year and the flowers are just gorgeous!   I love birds-you may already know that.  I take after my Mom…she’s always been a flower and bird kinda lady!   I can just sit outside early mornings or late afternoons and watch them fly around for hours.  They always come back to the Hummingbird Vine so you can’t miss them.

Since this particular vine is a climbing vine…you can plant it on a fence, next to a wall, on arbors, or even on utility poles.  Like I mentioned earlier…we planted it on a tree that had died out.  It has made a lovely display for the hummingbird vine.   Hummingbirds collect the sweet nectar and come back year after year.  They also have been known to plant their nests in this vine…so you might get lucky and find a nest with some baby hummingbirds in it!


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