Wild Violets

wild bloom

wild flower 01

These wild violets are common lawn weeds.  You can find them right in your backyard during the early months of Spring.

To the naked eye…these little bitty weeds are sometimes looked over but if you get a good close-up you can see the beauty of this common weed.

The foliage is more or less heart-shaped but may also taper to a fine point; the surface of the leaves is waxy. The plants commonly grow to be about 4-6 inches high.

Wild violets are edible weeds, as both the flowers and the leaves can be eaten. Young leaves are preferred. The taste reminds one of nuts.

“The salicylic acid found in all parts…is an active disinfectant and tissue solvent and can be applied externally to soften hard skin, corns and warts. It is also fungicidal.” -according to Henriette’s Herbal

Various types of butterfly caterpillars treat the leaves as a food source.


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